Sahur, chance to prepare for the day

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SAHUR is more than just a time for sustenance during Ramadhan as a 25-year-old Bangladeshi student who sees it as an opportunity for muslims to recollect themselves for the day's fast.

Khairul Ariffin Sabir, a Universiti Brunei Darussalam student who has lived in the Sultanate all his life, shared his views of how Sahur as a good chance to emulate the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) actions and understand its significance to us as muslims.

When it comes to fasting as he pursued his studies, he acknowledged it is a challenge but chooses to face it like any other challenge in life where his achievement in fulfilling his fast would be seen proudly by those around him as well as Allah (SWT).

"The Prophet Muhammad's actions were significant to us as muslims so (I believe) if we follow, we would be just as significant of a muslim as he was," he said.

He admits that occassionally he misses the opportunity to sahur just before dawn, but makes up for it the night before by having a meal while studying. Being a student, Khairul Ariffin also spares some time assisting at his family's convenience store where his endurance to fast has been proven while he attends to other duties.

Even before Ramadhan, the 25-year-old has contributed his fair share to the family business, where he continues to help with the inventory and display of items while also carrying out his fast. He hoped that he would be able to carry out the various responsibilities and deeds of the holy month of Ramadhan and continue to contribute his best in following the examples set by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Khairul Ariffin majors in Business Administration and minor in Human Resource Management for his studies and is also known for his contributions to the locally published book entitled 'Business Icons'

The Brunei Times