Understand, learn from Quranic verses recited in tadarus

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TADARUS is more than just reciting the verses from Al-Quran, but to understand what has been read and to take lessons from it.

Yang Berhormat Pehin Udana Khatib Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz Hj Badaruddin Pengarah Dato Paduka Hj Othman said this in a special talk on the interpretation of the Quranic verses recited during the tadarus held at the Ash-Shaliheen Mosque of the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) building complex in Kampung Melabau, Mukim Kianggeh last night.

YB Pehin Dato Ustaz Hj Badaruddin said that during the month of Ramadhan, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) would be visited by the angel Jibril (' alayhis-salaam) every night and they would do the tadarus Al-Quran.

He said that the prophet (Pbuh)Jibril (' alayhis-salaam) would read the Quran and while mentadabbur (being in a state of contemplation), they would reflect on the meaning of the Quran and to take examples from it.

Therefore, tadarus Al-Quran is more than just reciting the Quran but also to understand and learn the meanings of what is recited.

The talk titled, Tadarus Al-Quran: Lebih dari setakat membacanya (mass recital of Quran: more than just reciting) included interpretation of verses 30 to 32 of Surah Al-Furqan in Juzuk (chapter) 19 of the Quran.

In the talk the minister also said that the recitation of the Quran must be continued as it was what Islam asked for and through reading the Quran, "we are given the opportunity to understand and appreciate what the Quranic verses mean".

The tadarus (mass recititation of Quran) began with the recitation of verses 21 to 34 of Surah Al-Furqan of Juzu' 19 by Dato Paduka Hj Yusuf Bakar.

The event was continued with the reading of the Tahlil prayers and Doa Selamat.

The tadarus ceremony and special talk was held to further enliven the fasting month of Ramadhan was organised by MoHA and the Mukim and Village and Consultative Councils as an annual activity.

It was held as a Majlis Ilmu or event where people can benefit from sharing of knowledge.

Among the objectives of the tadarus ceremony was to increase amal ibadah (acts of worship) and share beneficial knowledge during the holy month of Ramadhan. It is also aimed at strengthening ties among officers and staff of MoHA with members of the Mukim and Village Consultative Councils.

Also present were Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Pehin Datu Lailaraja Major General (Rtd) Dato Paduka Seri Hj Halbi Hj Mohd Yussof and other senior officials and staff of MoHA as well as head of mukim and villages in the Brunei-Muara District.

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