Choice of special b’day cakes for HM

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VARIOUS organisations, associations and corporate entities presented one pesambah in common to His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday at Taman Hj Sir Muda Omar 'Ali Saifuddien beautifully decorated cakes iced in bright yellow frosting.

The Indian Community, Tiong Hwa Community and even the Association of retired personnel from the Royal Brunei Police Force (POLSARA) were anxiously waiting for His Majesty to arrive at their respective booths to cut the cakes.

The cake presented by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and the Tiong Hwa's both weighed in at 66 pounds.

Both cakes were a sight to behold, based on their sizes and detailed toppings and decorations.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Jay Choo Jun Lee, vice secretary to the Tiong Hwa Community's celebration committee for His Majesty's 66th birthday, said the cake they were presenting as their pesambah to His Majesty was a special cake.

It was coated in yellow, decorated icing flowers as well as shou-tao (longevity peach bun). "In mandarin we call it shou-tao (longevity peach bun), normally for the Chinese it represents everlasting life," explained Choo.

He said the yellow colour of the cake represented the colour of royalty and that the cake was a 53inch by 36inch cake.

"It took a while to make the cake as they (cake makers) needed to prepare the ingredients," said Choo. Choo added that it took about a week for the cake to be ready, and was made by the bakery section at Hua Ho Department Store.

Choo continued to say that last year, they also presented a cake which differed in design, but it too displayed the shou-tao decoration.

When asked what the celebration of His Majesty's 66th birthday meant to the Tiong Hwa Community, Choo said, "It's a day we can show our appreciation and our love towards our monarchy. It's a cheerful occasion for everyone, people of any race and people from all walks of life".

Choo said that being part of the Ramah Mesra and having the chance to meet the monarch will give motivation to members of the Tiong Hwa Community to further contribute towards national development in terms of economy, education, and maintaining peace, harmony and unity among the people.

At the POLSARA booth, a pesambah in the form of a cake was also presented, which Dato Paduka Hj Yahya Hj Tinggal, president of POLSARA said was done annually.

The association had ordered the cake from Royal Brunei Catering (RBC), and according to the cake maker, the cake is around 12 to 15 kilogrammes, said Dato Hj Yahya.

Following the requirements for RBC, the order was made one week before the actual day the cake was needed, said Dato Hj Yahya.

The design of the cake was the idea of members of POLSARA who had experience with cake designs with members of RBC.

"We hope that His Majesty would be pleased and would spend time bercemar duli (meet with our members). We will invite him to cut the cake," said Dato Hj Yahya before the arrival of the monarch to the booth.

Currently there 140 active members of POLSARA, he said.

"On behalf of members of POLSARA(including those in Temburong), we would like to express our gratitude to His Majesty for consenting to the building of the connecting bridge that will link Temburong to Brunei-Muara," said Dato Hj Yahya. "This is truly a blessing, especially for our members from the Temburong District."

The Brunei Times