Germany beckons Bruneian students

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A GERMAN education institute of technology is currently inviting more Bruneian students to take up the courses that they are offering as the courses would be beneficial to Brunei's energy industry.

At the Radisson Hotel in Bandar Seri Begawan yesterday, Dr Birgitta Kappes, director of Student Office from the Carl Benz School of Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), delivered a presentation for students from various schools and education institutes in Brunei to introduce a number of degree programmes offered at KIT.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Dr Kappes said KIT is planning to take in more students and are inviting more Bruneian students to study mechanical engineering in Germany.

In the undergraduate level, KIT only offers a programme in mechanical engineering. However, the institute does offer several other Master of Science courses, said Dr. Kappes.

"The first being energy technology, the second being Masters of Optics and Photonics with the specialisation in solar energy and the third being Energy Engineering and Management which combines economic factors also and the newest technologies associated with renewable energy," she said.

The courses are beneficial for Bruneian students because they address energy issues, said Dr. Kappes, who acknowledged that the oil and gas is one of the main industries in Brunei, and that Brunei is also seeking the next step where "they do not want only to use oil and gas for the provision of energy".

Dr Kappes noted that Brunei is also starting downstreaming industrial processes to make more interesting products and not just burning oil and gas.

When asked how Mechanical Engineering students from KIT can play a role in this matter, Dr. Kappes said: "Mechanical Engineering students are equipped or educated to participate in any industrial process which you can find, for example, in the refineries."

"They are taught mechanical design, engineering mechanics, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer. They study a wide variety of subjects which they have learnt in their undergraduate courses and will learn in their graduate courses," she added.

"We are currently offering for all our students the possibilities to be involved in all the newest research areas throughout their master and bachelor thesis. I think that is the best education you can currently obtain in the world in the area of energy," she went on to say.

At the moment there are 19 students participating in the Bachelor of Science Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and their progress is excellent, said Dr. Kappes.

The first year students who started in 2008 are just about to graduate they have finished their programme and have completed a research project in mechanical engineering, she added.

These students are currently doing an intense German language programme course in South Germany to improve their language skills which would prepare them to continue with their industrial internship.

Also present during the presentation was the German Ambassador to Brunei, His Excellency Dr Bernd Max Morast and his spouse, Madam Kristin Morast.

Before the presentation from Dr Kappes, the ambassador delivered a speech in which he expressed that he is glad that KIT has become Brunei's main partner university in which fruitful cooperation could be developed over the years.

"As Bruneian students pursue German education, the stronger the bonds of cooperation and friendship will be between the Brunei and Germany," said the ambassador.

The Brunei Times