Walk to aid cancer fund

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HELD as part of their Business Project in the last year of their studies at the Business School, nine students forming the "Sekolah Perdagangan Adventure Team" (or simply known as SPAT), closed their three-day registration course for 'World Cancer Day Walk-a-Parade' at The Mall, Gadong, last Sunday.

Aside from showing their support for the Local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Expo 2012 (which was organised by the Victorious Titans of Business School), SPAT held their Walk-a-Parade registration to raise cancer awareness among the public by showing a video about cancer and giving out flyers.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, SPAT member Hjh Siti Sara Hj Ramli, said that they received positive response from the public regarding their initiative to hold a Walk-a-Parade tomorrow to commemorate World Cancer Day. "Through this event, we also hope to raise funds for the Cancer Research Cluster, Brunei Cancer Fund and Charity Fund for the Welfare of Patients," she said.

"We have managed to obtain more than 100 participants today (Sunday)," she explained, adding that they have also been promoting their event by sending letters to schools, government agencies and the public sector in order to meet a target of 2,500 participants for the walk-a-parade.

She shared with The Brunei Times that managing this event is also about challenging their limits as team members and as students.

"Each of us have our own positions and tasks to together realise this event," she said, adding that they also have to learn to split their time between their studies and promoting this event. This is even more difficult for their three members who live in Belait. However, Hjh Siti Sara said that despite this, it is still the "best experience" for them.

Nurul Iziyanti @ Fitriah Maidi, another member of SPAT explained that they have been given the task by their school to create a business project last year, which must be completed by March 2012.

She said that after being set up with this task and deadline, they proceeded to do their research. "After agreeing to create an event for World Cancer Day, we wrote a proposal and sent it to the Health Promotion Centre," she continued. "Alhamdulillah, our proposal was accepted."

With their preparation for the Walk-a-Parade completed, the team is waiting anxiously for the event to begin. For more information, please follow @cancerbrunei on Twitter and Facebook.

The Brunei Times