Be mindful of health, adopt healthy lifestyle, sermon urges

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THE Friday sermon yesterday underscored the importance for Muslims to stay in good health and reduce the risks of falling sick by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Imams nationwide said that Islam was a religion that covered all aspects of life which includes maintenance in terms of health, where the religion underlines the importance of keeping good health, physically and mentally.

Therefore, we are required to protect our health as being healthy is a blessing from Allah SWT, that has become a factor in generating a tenacious community and ummah.

"Islam prioritises health, therefore, as a sign of gratitude for the blessing, we must work on maintaining our health and to make full use of it by doing good deeds and carrying out ibadah (acts of worship)," the sermon said.

"Verily, everyone wants to remain in good health at all times and we even pray to stay away from sickness as being sick can make us feel uncomfortable," it added.

Being sick also makes us weak and hinders us from carrying out our daily work and routine.

However, we must remember sickness is also a form of test from Allah SWT, and as faithful servants, we must accept the test with patience and endurance.

It is part of a lesson to teach us the invaluable meaning of staying healthy because without these tests human beings tend to take health for granted.

Considering how important health is, the sermon advised that it is befitting we take good care of our health and in doing so, we must lay emphasis on cleanliness and maintenance in every aspect.

This is why Islam has always instructed Muslims to steer away from activities that may jeopardise our physical and mental health such as drinking alcohol, smoking and drug abuse, among others.

"It is irrefutable that overeating, unhealthy diet and lack of physical workout are some of the factors that may cause the decline of the health of an individual, ultimately leading to sickness."

In order to avoid this, we must change our lifestyle.

The sermon laid out several guidelines that can be practiced by Muslims, as taught by Islam, and this includes eating moderately and stopping before feeling full, reducing fat, sugar, salt intake in our food while increasing fluid intake as well as eating fresh fruits frequently.

The sermon concluded that good health is an invaluable matter, therefore the Muslim ummah must strive towards maintaining it through good and healthy diet

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