Teachers, students elated with HM visit

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TEACHERS and students of Lambak Kiri Secondary School were ecstatic and grateful that His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam toured the classrooms.

Nurfarhanah Ramlee, a Year 10 student, said she was excited by His Majesty's visit and overwhelmed when the monarch spoke to her.

His Majesty was looking at the display of students' projects when he stopped to look at Nurfarhanah's project on commerce and then spoke to her.

The 15-year-old said she felt nervous when His Majesty was looking at her project, but was overjoyed when the sovereign praised her project, saying it was "very good".

Another Year 10 student, Ak Zulkarnain Pg Julata, whose project was also displayed, said even though he did not have the chance to speak to the Sultan, he was happy to have met the monarch. "I feel proud that His Majesty visited my school. It's an honour." said the 16-year-old.

Nurafiqah Rosland, 17, was one of the students who performed the Japanese martial art of kendo for His Majesty.

She said the visit was a surprise because she had been absent from school and did not know the Sultan was visiting.

After His Majesty toured the exhibition projects and witnessed traditional Malay dance and kendo performances, he took a closer look at how some of the classes were conducted.

One of the classes was a Computer Studies lesson for Year seven students and taught by Adrian Lim Wee Shen.

Lim, 28, said he was "surprised" when the monarch entered his class even though he was informed about the visit.

He said His Majesty asked some students what they were doing and the students then explained that they were in the middle of creating advertising brochures.

Adrian said His Majesty also asked how he would assess the students. He responded that he assessed the students by looking at how they utilised colours and word art in their brochures.

In a Special Applied Programme (SAP) class, teacher Noriqa Danial Leong said her students had shown His Majesty their projects which were hand-made table lamps using recycled materials such as old compact disc casing and drinking straws.

Noriqa said those who took the SAP, which focuses on hands-on activities, were students who did not pass the Primary Assessment Examination twice.

The Brunei Times