‘Project delays weaken our assets’

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HIS Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday told the public sector to heighten its efforts to ensure that there are no delays and failures in implementing the government's programmes, as these can weaken the Sultanate's competitiveness in attracting foreign investments.

Delivering his titah in conjunction with the country's 27th National Day, the monarch said that public service is the machinery and facilitator for the government to chart development.

The scope and level of demands from the public have increased, the monarch said, adding that public service has to keep up with such expectations on speedy and effective implementation of policies.

"Civil service is responsible for identifying any existing weaknesses, and to prepare mechanisms on how to solve them," said the monarch.

The benevolent ruler added: "Delays and failures in implementing the government's programmes by right must not happen, because they have a high risk of weakening our competitiveness in attracting foreign investments."

Brunei already has its own strengths, amongst them are peace and political stability, and a steady economic base blessed by Allah (SWT), said the monarch.

"These have become our important assets in attracting more foreign investors to come to our country," His Majesty added.

"The only thing left (for Bruneians to do), is to know how to maintain and protect them (the assets)."

His Majesty called on all parties, both from the public and private sector, to act in concert to preserve these invaluable assets.

"InsyaAllah, these efforts will not only boost the confidence of foreign investors, but also enable us to sustain the nation's prosperity," the monarch said.

His Majesty also underscored the importance of investing in human capital through education.

"For a small country with a small population, we need citizens who are highly educated and possess strategic skills."

It is for this reason that the country erected schools, training centres and higher learning institutes, not neglecting to award scholarships to more qualified students as the main investment in improving human capital, His Majesty explained.

The ruler also called for a change in Bruneian's overall mentality and attitude to start practising moderation in enjoying the government's subsidies.

His Majesty added that Bruneians must have balance in acting and thinking, by being thankful and knowing how to optimise the benefits, without being wasteful and abusive.

The pious ruler also reminded Bruneians to remember Allah (SWT) in celebrating the country's national day.

"Don't we want to go back to that historical moment of our independence proclamation during which we glorified Allah in it? Together we pronounced "Allahu Akbar" with the intention of obtaining the Almighty's blessings and protection," the king said.

This intention has been met with 27 years of independence that has proven fruitful and productive for the country, His Majesty added.

Finally, the monarch asked Bruneians to continue to pray for the country's everlasting protection and blessings from Allah (SWT).

The Brunei Times