JIS recycling initiative a winner

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JERUDONG International School's (JIS) students, teachers and parents set a great example to others with their obvious care for the environment. Their recycling programme has been ongoing for over four years and has even helped send a young girl for further studies.

The school started out collecting aluminium cans and has since expanded to collecting paper and plastic.

Deputy Head of Upper School and Environmental Coordinator, Laury McPherson is in charge of the recycling programme and says the programme is so successful they are in dire need of more recycling bins. She explains they are "a victim of their own success", saying that the amount of recycling increases every year.

The school also provides recycling bins in its Sixth Form centre, boarding house and most classes have boxes for paper recycling.

"The students, especially the junior kids (Kindergarten to Year 5 student) are so enthusiastic about the programme. I've been doing this for the last three years, and I've seen the younger kids who are now a little older and they're still excited about recycling," she said.

The enthusiasm of the students has even spread to the parents and teachers of the school, says McPherson.

For the 2008-2009 school year, she calculated the amount of recycling they collected which came to nearly 5,000kg of paper, 650kg of plastic and 270kg of cans.

The school sells this to the recycling company. The amount of money they get is dependent on the fluctuating cost of the material. At present they get three cents for every kilo of paper and plastic, and 30 cents for every kilo of aluminium.

Last year, McPherson says they used the money to provide a scholarship to a Penan girl to pursue further studies.

"She'd qualified in her exams for higher education, so we donated $1,500 for her to study a diploma in hospitality," said McPherson adding that part of this year's collection will go towards the setting up of the school's eco-garden.

In conjunction with Earth Day, which falls today the school has got recycling bins for electronic waste where people can dump old batteries, computers and other electrical gadgets.

Meanwhile JIS is currently hosting Earth Week which they host every year in celebration of Earth Day.

One of their campaigns is based on waste reduction called "Litterless Lunches" which aims to get students to use reusable contained for their food and drinks.

Another of their campaigns is the "Stop Idling" campaign. Its objective is to get people to switch off the engines of their vehicles when stopped or parked to tackle the issue of air pollution.

JIS is also hosting casual clothes day today where the students pay $2 to wear their everyday clothes.

All the money collected will be donated towards the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) tiger conservation programme, Tx2, which aims to double the number of tigers in the wild by the next year of the tiger by 2022.

The Brunei Times