Monthly allowances for Int’l Quran contests winners

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A STATE Legislative Council (LegCo) member has suggested giving lifelong monthly allowances for those who achieved success in international Al-Quran reading competitions, to which the Minister of Religious Affairs said will be given attention.

Pehin Jawatan Luar Pekerma Raja Dato Seri Utama Dr Ustaz Hj Mohd Zain Hj Serudin, in response to a suggestion raised by Brunei-Muara representative Hj Bakar Mansor, said that while the provision of monthly allowance to the first, second and third place winners of international Al-Quran reading competitions was currently not in the scheme, but the suggestion will be considered.

"Since this suggestion has been raised in the State Legislative Council, it will be given attention," he said, adding that a number of Qari and Qariah have already received support from the ministry and consequently been awarded medals of honour.

On the sixth day of the LegCo meeting on Thursday, Hj Bakar Mansor said that the level of Brunei's Qari and Qariahs have developed and progressed significantly since the country began participating in international Al-Quran reading competitions in the 1960s."For a country with such a small population, this is a great achievement. Therefore, to return the favour of their contribution in glorifying the name of our country, I suggest that those who have achieved success in the international Al-Quran competition, regardless of it being the first, second or third place, be given a special incentive in the form of monthly allowances for their entire lives as this is a scheme to repay their efforts," he said.

The Brunei-Muara representative alsobring up the issue of Muslim converts still living with their non-Muslim family members. "Nowadays there looks to be more and more people converting to Islam in our country. Unfortunately, a portion of them are still living with family members who have yet to embrace Islam," he said, adding that they should be provided terrace homes or accommodation under the Housing Development Scheme.

With this in mind, the minister replied that accommodation has been provided for some converts.

The Brunei Times