Crown Prince: Muslim unity for excellence

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STRENGTH in unity is the catalyst for men to excel as well as the basis for maintaining and protecting the peace, prosperity and tranquillity of nations, regions and the world, His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office said yesterday.

"Peace and harmony in life is a very great gift from Allah (SWT) to humanity because a nation, region, indeed a world at peace will allow its people to continuously strive for the prosperity of the world in order for humanity to flourish and achieve continuity in life," HRH said in his sabda during the opening of the three-day Southeast Asia Islamic Youth Conference at the Rizqun International Hotel.

The conference carries the theme "Unification of Islamic Youths Generates Excellence".

The Crown Prince said, "Unity is an expression that is both pleasing and beautiful. More so if the unity is seen from the requirements of Islam, it is a very rewarding and sought-after thing. Conversely, discord, disorder and enmity will bring about fear and unrest whilst being regarded as sinful and unrepentant.

"Unity can be nurtured where there exists the traits of conscientiousness, camaraderie and affection amongst humanity, mutual respect and understanding, as well as having good regard for each other," HRH said.

HRH added that people should strive for and hold mutual consultations as well as to come together to find commonalities whilst refraining from succumbing to negative traits such as slander, pettiness, jealousy, malevolence, vengeance and hostility towards each other.

By instilling positive values that promote unity, mankind will live in an environment of peace, harmony and serenity, HRH said.

"Islamic youths are called upon to constantly comprehend and put into practice Islamic teachings based upon the teachings of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah (behaviour in accordance with following the example of the Prophet)," said the Crown Prince.

HRH reminded youths that they should always deeply respect the divine values of Islamic teachings that succinctly cover aqidah (faith), Syariah (law) and akhlak (morality) in order to become Islamic youths who possess knowledge and wisdom.

"In the history of the struggle for the cause of Islam during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), he was flanked by Islamic youths who fought with utmost loyalty and courage in propagating the teachings and upholding the eminence of Islam in the spirit of jihad (devotion) to Allah's (SWT) blessings," he said.

Islam calls upon youths to achieve progress in the modern world and actively participate in this era of globalisation, HRH added.

"They are called upon to master knowledge in fields that include economics, education, culture, science and technology and other respective fields as fardu kifayah (knowledge required as a form of social obligation to the community)," HRH said.

Islamic youths should always remember Allah (SWT), firmly heeding His teachings and avoiding that which He has forbidden, whilst being wise in shielding themselves from being influenced by negative elements of the modern world that are contrary to the pure and truthful teachings of Islam, HRH said.

"The many forms of knowledge that are pursued for the benefit of mankind and the universe should be strengthened with the correct path of morality and faith that is not easily deceived by deviations and misguidance," said the Crown Prince.

HRH said His Majesty's government had always devoted serious attention to continuously implementing programmes for youth development, leadership and skills in various fields.

He cited as an example how Brunei has actively organised the Southeast Asia Quran Reading Competition for Youths as well as the Quran Memorisation and Interpretation Competition for the youths by Ministers of Religion of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (known as "Mabims").

"These represent some of the efforts and steps of this nation towards establishing as well as nurturing unity amongst the Islamic youths of this region," he said.

HRH lauded the efforts of implementing Islamic youth development programmes such as the Southeast Asia Islamic Youth Conference, adding that the conference was very much appreciated and beneficial, and should be further developed.

HRH expressed his hope that "the conference would open up minds as well as act as a facilitator for the meeting of ideas and experiences to jointly work towards the achievement of excellence for the future of the Southeast Asia region."

In his sabda, HRH also highlighted the need of today's youth to be aware of current issues. "Participants must not lose sight of current issues, including climate change and its challenges, which we have to face with a spirit of camaraderie and unity," he said.

The Brunei Times