Crackdown on New Year’s Eve criminals

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BRUNEI's law enforcement agencies were out in full force on New Year's Eve (NYE) in joint operations to ensure the public's safety and security during the celebrations.

Two joint operations were conducted by the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) together with officers from the Narcotics Control Bureau, Immigration Department, Customs and Excise Department and Religious Enforcement Unit (BPA) from the Ministry of Religious Affairs at Limau Manis and Muara from midnight to 3am.

The joint operation at Limau Manis was led by Commanding Officer of the Limau Manis Police Station ASP Muhammad Merzudi, assisted by his assistant, Senior Inspector (Snr Insp) Shamsul.

The main objective of the joint operation was to foster teamwork among all the law enforcement agencies involved, according to Snr Insp Shamsul.

"It was mentioned by His Majesty in a titah that it is better to do it bersepadu (together)," he continued.

He further explained: "All the agencies conduct their own operations from time to time but organised such operations on occasions such as the NYE. It's like killing a few birds with one stone. There have been mini operations conducted leading to this (one)."

The other objective was to "suppress all criminal activities in crime prone areas as a crime prevention (method)".

A roadblock was also set up at a road in Kg Junjungan to check motorists for traffic violations such as driving under the influence.

"Actually, prevention is better than cure," said Commanding Officer of Bandar Seri Begawan Police Station ASP Shaari who was present during the operation.

"If we do a lot of roadblocks, there will be no car race and those without licences will not go out," he said.

"But if we don't do this, it is highly likely there will be a lot of accidents resulting from drunk driving, etc," ASP Shaari continued.

On the matter of people celebrating the new year, the commanding officer said that people "can continue having fun like karaoke, there is no problem."

He added that however, it became a problem when the police received complaints and these usually came from neighbours who complained of noise pollution.

"During such occasions, it is the duty of the police to respond to the complaints," he said.

ASP Shaari advised those wishing to hold gatherings of over five people to inform the police and to obtain a permit from police stations located in their areas.

During the three-hour operation, personnel from the RBPF's Reserve Unit discovered seven cartons of Tiger Beer and eight bottles of Barcelona liquor abandoned at a well known smuggling area at an "elephant trail" along the Brunei-Limbang border.

The contraband goods were later taken to the police station to be recorded before being transferred to the Customs and Excise Department.

Raids were also conducted at targeted areas within the jurisdiction of the Limau Manis Police Station. A total of eight foreign workers: three Filipino women, two Filipino men and three Thai men were brought to the police station for failing to provide any valid documents during the raids.

Meanwhile, during a joint operation in Muara that was led by Commanding Officer of Muara Police Station Acting DSP Hj Justin Hj Yacob, several customs offences were recorded, including in possession of alcoholic drinks without a valid permit.

The Brunei Times