Fire victims receive donations

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TWO families who have recently lost their homes to the fires received a helping hand in the form of donations from the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB) yesterday.

At the Ministry of Religious Affairs, MUIB's Acting Deputy Secretary Hjh Mahani Hj Musa spoke of how it was the council's responsibility to help those in need and presenting donations to the less fortunate was among the ways that MUIB extended their assistance.

Liussin Daud and his family received $2,800, while Salleh Omar and his family received $1,800.

According to a MUIB officer, the council donates $200 per family member, regardless of whether they are an adult or child. The money comes from the country's zakat (tithes) collection fund.

One of Liussin's sons, Mastami, said that the family lost their house at Kg Orang Kaya Besar Imas on August 26, which was during the fasting month. They are currently residing at temporary welfare house, provided by the council, near Tasek Lama.

He said there were three bread-winners in the family but he added that he was unsure of the family's future and how they would rebuild their home. Although, he expressed his gratitude to the council for their help.

"Alhamdulillah," was the means of gratitude that Salleh Omar used.

He told The Brunei Times that he was away at his job at a local communications network provider when a fire engulfed the upper storey of his house in Kg Mumong on September 9.

"It was about 3.20pm and one of my children called me at work and told me about the fire," he said.

There were six people at home at the time, Salleh added, and one of the children had to be treated at the hospital for minor burns.

He said that they were now staying in the living room at the ground floor of the house. Altogether nine people reside there, including Salleh's grandchildren.

"I didn't have any insurance on the house, so we will have to rebuild on our own," he explained, adding that he was grateful to MUIB and the District Office for their help thus far.

"This assistance (donation) is hoped to help reduce the burden and bring hope back to the families who have been struck by these disasters," a statement from the council said. (ODM1)

The Brunei Times