Grand Sale to boost local economy

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THE BRUNEI Grand Sale (BGS) was officially opened yesterday at a ceremony launched by Shahrom Hj Suhaimi, Acting Director-General of Economic Planning and Development Department (JPKE).

Managed by Sunlit Advertising, the event was also host to a bazaar where vendors from various local companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) displayed their products. "The purpose of the BGS is to encourage spending within Brunei. We cannot stop people from going abroad; so if we can make the prices competitive, hopefully local spending will increase," said Shahrom.

He said that by doing so, people would be contributing to the local economy and thus, increase economic activity. He added that this year's BGS was to be a platform to the next annual event in 2010, which they hoped would be bigger. "Eventually, we hope that the BGS will be big enough and competitive enough to attract foreigners and therefore increase tourism."

After September 27, the official date for the end of the sale period, a review on the response from the public and vendors will be conducted, which will determine whether or not the event will be extended, said Shahrom. He also added that they hoped to increase the frequency of the sales in Brunei. For example, having one at the year end to coincide with preparations for the start of the new school year.

A vendors, Syarikat Aliaa, the sole importer and distributor of Indomee and Cap Limau tea, distributed 1,000 cooked packets of Indomee and teh tarik to the public yesterday evening to coincide with "sungkai" or the breaking of fast. Speaking to The Brunei Times, sales and marketing manager Terence Tey said that their main reason for the give-away was not only to advertise but also to engage in the spirit of Ramadhan through giving.

Syarikat Aliaa and Sunlit Advertising have also co-organised a "Mee Goreng eating competition" which will be taking place every night until the final on September 5, where two winners from each session will all compete to be the grand winner.

Sunlit Advertising are also giving away 28,800 eggs throughout the event. (ZAR1)

The Brunei Times