First venture into business for young entrepreneurs

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BUDDING entrepreneurs who enrolled in the Youth Skills Development Programme are currently managing small businesses and are eager to move into a shophouse to expand their enterprises. They also hope more courses will be provided to help them face the many challenges in business.

Some 22 youths from the Youth Development Centre completed their training last year and are out making a living for themselves through small businesses.

Nasir Jalil, currently running a foodstall at Kg Burung Pingai, is thankful for the centre's support but hopes he can move into a real shoplot soon. "Business is going well. The centre has been helpful and representatives do come and check up on us once in a while," he said.

The main problem Nasir faces is rent. "I'm hoping the centre will give us a place with subsidised rent as I heard they have plans to renovate a shoplot at Burung Pingai."

Nasir added that courses provided by LiveWIRE Brunei and Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam have been helpful. "What's important is the marketing skills they help us with and cash flow courses. I hope they will give us more to help us improve," he said.

Masnoraishah Hj Osman of Huuriya Damia Bakeshop agreed that the centre's support has been useful. "I'm starting small now, selling at home, and we also sell to RIPAS Secondary School," she said.

"Business is good but of course, we still face challenges on the way. Hopefully in the future, there will be more help from the centre like additional courses to guide us," she added.

Wirdahayati Muda who runs Warong DW Restaurant at Jln Beribi said: "Business is only alright as we are breaking even every month. We are making enough to cover our overhead expenses."

She also hopes she gets a prime spot for her business in the future as she feels her current location is hidden to the public. "It now depends on the centre's discussions with the shoplots, to see if we can get a better rent rate," she said.

She also lauded the courses, which she said has been helpful, especially the courses on cash flow.

Dewimaswiyanti Brahim, who started up a salon, said her business has been running for the past two months and has been doing alright. She praised the courses under the programme, saying that it has helped her in running the business better. (GDN1)

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