Call to develop Tutong district as a halal centre

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A CALL to develop Tutong district as a centre for developing and processing of halal products that can support and cultivate a separate export economy other than oil and gas for the nation was raised during the recent State Legislative Council meeting 2008.

The call, by state representative for Tutong district at the State Legislative Council meeting Orang Kaya Jaya Putera Dato Paduka Hj Muhammad Taha Abd Rauf, was made during his adjournment remarks for the recent State Legislative Council meeting.

In his remarks, Dato Paduka Hj Muhammad Taha said that apart from fulfilling the wishes of His Majesty for a more diversified economy, the development of the district as manufacturing, developing and processing centre for exportable halal products, will also generate more work opportunities for the locals.

Brunei's four districts have seen much development over the past few years, said Dato Paduka Hj Muhammad Taha.

This can be seen with the economic growth of Brunei and Muara district which holds Brunei's capital, the government and defence offices not to mention mushrooming shopping centres and complexes which on their own already generate a thriving economy.

The Belait district, said the district representative, is also seeing rapid development as it is the centre for the country's oil and gas industry. With the addition of the Brunei Methanol Company in Sg Liang and the Sg Liang Industrial park, he added, we are bound to see a much more developed district with employment opportunities in the spin off industries that are bound to sprout up once it gets into gear.

In his closing remarks, he also pointed out Temburong district with proper assistance, guidance and support from both the government and private sector can be developed into a centre for tourist attractions with its rich rainforests, Malay culture and traditions.

Tutong, he said, in order to keep up with the whole country in the diversification and generation of economic growth should also be developed.

The development of the district would assist the country towards generating an economy that is not solely dependent on oil and gas which is in line with His Majesty's titah on his 60th birthday, said the state representative.

The first session of the fourth State Legislative Council Meeting 2008 was recently adjourned last week with the deliberations of the National Development Plan budget and social issues being raised by the state council members and state representatives.

Most of the issues raised during the meeting were given proper responses and proposals for progress and development by state ministers.

The Brunei Times