‘Develop further History Centre and Museums’

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CALLS to further develop and update the History Centre and Museums to ensure effectiveness of projects, such as the Heart of Borneo, as well as to boost Brunei's tourism industry were made at yesterday's State Legislative Council meeting.

Dato Paduka Awang Idris Abas, a non-governmental council member yesterday cited the Wildlife Protection Act (July 19, 1978, revised 1984) whereby according to the last findings there were 34 endangered species in Brunei.

He reminded further that Brunei is rich in natural resources and biodiversity raising also Brunei's involvement in the Heart of Borneo project.

The member suggested that the figures of endangered species be reviewed and updated to ensure that such projects be developed effectively, as well as through stricter monitoring efforts, according to the member.

As part of the Heart of Borneo project, early last year, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei agreed to conserve a large swathe of mountainous rainforest covering a third of Borneo which is home to endangered orangutans, elephants and rhinos.

Under the declaration, the three countries agreed to work together to conserve about 220,000 sq km of equatorial rainforest covering about a third of the island.

Borneo's forests are home to 13 primate species, including endangered orangutans, more than 350 bird species, 150 reptiles and amphibians and about 15,000 species of plants.

Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Dewa Major (B) Dato Seri Pahlawan Awang Mohammad Daud, the Minister of Culture, Youth and sports responded by ensuring that the matter be dealt with and looked into further.

Last year there were calls to museums in the country to be proactive in their role as a social institution and stronghold of information on heritage.

Since its establishment in 1965, the Museums Department has actively collected natural and cultural artifacts through trade, lending, excavations and expeditions.

Council member Sulaiman Ahad from the Temburong district asked how Brunei was preserving its royal burial and historical sites and buildings.

The Minister responded by ensuring the matter is being taken care of by the relevant agencies and departments.

The Brunei Times