Budget set to promote tourism low

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THE adequateness of the budget allocation to be used to promote Brunei was raised at the State Legislative Council meeting yesterday.

YB Pehin Kapitan Lela Diraja Dato Paduka Awang Goh King Chin, a non-governmental member to the council raised several issues, among others the insufficiency of the budget shared out to the Department of Tourism amounting to a meagre $1,543,716.

The member stressed the need to change mindset and exert efforts to alter the trend of oil and gas dependency in the country.

He suggested the development of a sustainable tourism industry can support various economic activities in the country, this he says has proven successful in some countries.

Pressing on the insufficient amount of the tourism budget, he said that it was not enough to promote Brunei internationally on a large scale.

This includes the collaboration with other media agencies such as the CNN, BBC, ESPN and Star Sports to organise international sports events such as golf and tennis while promoting Brunei.

He highlighted the way towards this would require larger sums of budget allocation.

Another concerned raised was the state of the road from Tutong to the Belait district. The member said that the road was inadequate and there was a possibility of untoward incidents involving drivers and commuters.

The first part of the road from the Tutong district is two-laned, further down the middle it becomes one lane, towards reaching the Belait district, the road breaks again to two lanes.

This he says is a concern adding it may pose dangers and test the patience of drivers.

In relation to this, he also highlighted the importance of an adequate road system as the area is not only known for its oil and gas industry but is also to be considered for the development of a methanol industry in the near future.

Bringing a land issue into the dialogue, the member noted the approval of the "Strata title" but questioned when it would be used in effect in Brunei's land system. "Strata title" is a devised form of ownership.

In the State Legislative Council Meeting held last year the member raised two issues, whereby this year he raised them again to investigate developments.

Firstly was the eligibility for permanent residents to purchase a home, secondly was the development of a flyover in the capital near the Chung Hwa secondary school in the capital to ensure the safety of the school children and ease traffic congestion.

Considerations towards the "Strata title" and the eligibility of purchasing homes among permanent residents will increase the prices of land and buildings, boosting the country's economy.

The Brunei Times