Need to nip corruption in the bud

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THOUGH corruption cases is not a norm in Brunei, it should nevertheless be acknowledged and dealt with, preventing it from spreading further.

At yesterday's budget allocation approval sessions at the State Legislative Council, Pengiran Setia Negara Pengiran Mohd Yusof Pengiran Abdul Rahim questioned the usage of the $7,100,530 allocated to the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

"Is the budget only for staff expenses and research? Or for ways to curb corruption cases in Brunei," he asked.

"It is true that such cases are few or it is not as rampant but it is present and this has been affirmed by officers investigating such cases." he added.

Responding to the issue, Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Awang Yahya Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Bakar, the Minister of Energy at the Prime Minister's Office said that the budget allocation included staff as well as for activities within the bureau.

The Energy Minister said that it was not just about addressing and identifying these cases but also to create awareness and educating the people.

Another of the state council's non-governmental member who commented was Pehin Kapitan Lela Diraja Dato Paduka Awang Goh King Chin. He said that corruption cases will increase if governmental structure does not adhere to corruption laws.

"I would like to raise that the bureau have a 'watchdog' system to monitor officers and staff," he said.

Orang Kaya Jaya Putera Dato Paduka Awang Muhammad Taha Abd Rauf says that in the corruption cases sometimes involves those with minimum income and asked what kind of action is taken to ensure that the case is not repeated after their sentence.

The energy minister explained that the difference between corruption cases and cases of ex-drug offenders for example, was that there was more flexibility in clearing the record after a set timeframe.

"Corruption is a major offence and there are no changes to their records or flexibility," he said.

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