LegCo as viewed by the public

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IN THE wake of the State Legislative Council meeting being held in session throughout the next few days, the public through an interview conducted recently have voiced out their thoughts and concerns on some matters.

In a mixed review of the upcoming proceedings, Hj Mahadi Hj Abas, a government servant, said that the meetings itself will probably not affect him personally but in terms of work policies and development, he hopes the outcome of the meetings will produce positive results in the long run.

He added that from what he observed from previous meeting sessions, there has been many positive developments within the inner workings of the government.

Saidah Zulkifllie, a school teacher from Tutong, commented that she doesn't really understand the proceedings and added that she felt it would be better if the council members were chosen by the people instead of the state.

Several others also voiced out the same concerns while others lauded the sessions as a positive step in Brunei's progress towards becoming a fully developed and active nation.

Ramli Hj Suhaili, a manager in the private sector, said that there has been positive changes seen through previous sittings such as a more easier process with applications and approvals involving the government compared to previous years.

He also added that the previous meetings were a good demonstration of how the government handles and proposes to get involved with the concerns of the general public by bringing into light several issues that needed to be examined and ammended.

"This shows their eagerness and earnesty for the well-being of the people in this country and hopefully with this year's session more ammendments and progress can be made" said Ramli.

The Brunei Times