Makers of new fertiliser seek endorsement

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THE local distributor of a low-cost, yield-enhancing fertiliser is seeking the Agriculture Department's endorsement to help it win Bruneian farmers' confidence in the Malaysian product.

AAJ United Company has submitted samples of its product called electronic fertiliser for testing by the department under the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.

The distributor is hoping the department would give a positive testimony to encourage Bruneian farmers to turn to the electronic fertiliser to boost product output.

"We are one of the cheapest in the market, and the product is very mindful of the environment, too," AAJ United general manager Pengiran Hj Mohd Abdul Aziz told The Brunei Times yesterday.

"We decided to bring it in seeing that it is viable for the Brunei market ... It is able to increase yield for Bruneian farmers and I'm confident that the electronic fertiliser will improve Brunei's agriculture sector."

Already, AAJ United has big plans for the Malaysian manufactured fertiliser.

"We're currently in talks with the Agriculture Department and are planning to make the fertiliser more accessible (to farmers) by supplying it to supermarkets in the country as well," the general manager said, adding that he wants to set up a dealership for each district in Brunei to make it easy for farmers and hobbyists to get hold of the electronic fertiliser.

The newly established company also wishes to start manufacturing the fertiliser in Brunei to do away with shipping costs and be even more competitive in the local market.

"Eventually, we want to start supplying globally as well. We have Sabah in mind as there isn't a sole distributor there yet," Pengiran Hj Mohd Abdul Aziz said.

The electronic fertiliser is developed through an advance integrated technology, which helps produce a well-rounded fertiliser with all the necessary nutrients needed by plants.

Khairul Anwar Zulkifly, who is responsible for the development of the product, said they utilise energy frequency to magnify the energy pattern needed by plants to produce.

"Most farmers tell me, they need so and so amount of pesticides in the fertiliser for a certain crop to grow well. Therefore, they aren't confident with my fertiliser as it has low pesticide amounts. However, it is through the magnification of energy frequency that the electronic fertiliser is able to give such astounding results."

The fertiliser, although still in its research and development stage, has earned accolades from farmers in Indonesia and Sarawak.

The Brunei Times