Palming a masterpiece sandwich

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BRUNEIANS will have the opportunity to create their own masterpiece sandwiches at Palm Cafe's "sandwich bar" which is expected to be introduced in the New Year.

Located below the new Fitness Zone outlet at the Palm Garden Hotel in Kiulap, Palm Cafe is a newly opened eatery for those who want to dine and unwind after work or to simply relax after a strenuous workout at the gym.

Its Food and Beverage Manager, Robert L Hombria, says the sandwich bar is a feature that is expected to be added to the cafe's variety of dishes already on offer.

The available dishes are created by the owner of Saffron, a restaurant that serves Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Managed by Saffron, Palm Cafe, which can accommodate 50 people, attracts Bruneians especially during lunch and dinner.

According to one of the employees, in the evenings, customers like to come to Palm Cafe to sit and relax and have a pick off of the extensive drinks menu.

With 16 employees and a Western and International menu, Palm Cafe customers can enjoy light dishes or hearty meals with choices such as mango salad with chicken and chicken tikka sandwich.

Those who opt for sandwiches can create their own with fillings of their choice and the range of bread used.

Hombria says once the sandwich bar is introduced, customers can create their own sandwiches at the bar from a selection of fillings such as roast beef, chicken and tuna.

Other services provided by the cafe are hosting private functions for customers.

Since its launch, the establishment has played host to a number of functions for both the private and government sector, Hombria says.

The cafe also offers outside catering inclusive of food and service staff.

The Brunei Times