Market research vital to IT sector growth

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BRUNEI needs to conduct a market research study to get a clear picture of the global IT industry and select which particular segments of the supply chain it can penetrate, a Danish IT professional said yesterday.

A professionally done background research will give the sultanate a better understanding of current developments in the IT sector and enable it to respond to market needs, said Jeremy Millard, head of E-government of the Danish Technological Institute.

Brunei has potential to try and fit into the supply chain market through market research, he told The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the 2nd Annual E-Government Congress.

"Any country needs to identify its niche areas by making background research, looking at the levels of skills and changes, the way the market moves and maybe try and fit into the current supply chain driven sectors." Examples of the supply chain sectors include basic research studies, developing new types of software and manufacturing.

"It is to find out what areas in terms of Brunei's skills, location, and money it has to invest and understanding the different parts of the IT sector, the supply chain and what the customers want," he added.

To do this, Brunei needs to work with professionals who understand the global changes in the industry and understand how it is developing while identifying market needs.

"Even though it is a small country, it has the potential to become a powerful player, if you understand why things are changing and what Brunei can focus on, who you ally with and what role you can play in that context," he said.

The sultanate is near India and China, making it possible to create niche areas in the global IT industry and become a "small heart to the big picture", he added.

The Brunei Times