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DUBBED China's miracle treatment, the Mei Dan Body Control Passage Energy Technique, a non-evasive method for skincare and healthcare recovery, is in Brunei.

A team of eight from Beijing's Mei Dan Pte Ltd arrived here on Wednesday to participate in the Brunei Health Expo at the International Convention Centre, their first marketing venture outside of China.

Seen as a step forward from the Chinese Traditional Passage Culture, it incorporates the best features from other mainstream technologies such as traditional acupuncture, scrapping treatment and massage.

The President of Mei Dan, Meihong Rong, said the idea was developed by her mother 10 years ago. "We only started using modern equipment (for the biocurrent transfer) three years ago," she said.

The technique is centred on recharging the body by way of controlled biocurrent stimulation through the hands and into specific parts of the body, passages and points normally used for acupuncture, to improve cell metabolism.

This technique is also said to achieve a balance for internal organs and skin as well as promote passage clearance and blood rejuvenation.

According to the press release, not only does the technique conform to the basic theory of traditional medicine, it also eliminates the public's fear of facing acupuncture and overcomes the western physiotherapy's "coldness".

Satisfied with the results of his treatment, renowned calligrapher Zhang Rui Ling wrote a poem and described the biocurrent treatment as a breakthorugh of traditional and contemporary methods and will open up a new area of medical treatment with the use of both hands on hundreds of passage points. By reaching every part of the body, difficult illnesses can be cured.

Zhang is one of the hundreds of thousands patients who have tried and tested the technique and marvelled at the results considering it new and effective.

The public can visit the Mei Dan booth at T1 to T4 at the Brunei Health Expo. On-the-spot trial treatment is also available.

The Brunei Times