Quality, service recipe for success, say eateries

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WHILE the nation might be presently saturated with 'sungkai' buffet promotions, discerning customers look for high standards of food and service in particular when selecting a place to satisfy their palate, according to food and beverage industry experts.

A few well-known restaurants in the country agreed on the same criteria that attract the most customers; quality food and service. A manager said that their strategy has always been reliant on providing consumers with the best package in terms of price, quality and variety of buffet choices.

"We've had the 'sungkai' buffet for as long as I can remember. You get your money's worth," said Bambi Sumadsad of Mills Coffee House at The Holiday Lodge.

When asked what drove customers to dine at their Jerudong outlet, the operations manager said the most important aspects are quality of food and service.

Speaking on competition with other new restaurants, Sumadsad said the eatery, which opened in 1999, has its own customer base from the Jerudong, Tutong and Belait area.

"We make it worth customers' while to drive to Jerudong to eat," she said.

Andy Goh, Airport Restaurant manager, said his establishment has been doing well because of the emphasis on food and efficient service. "We get a lot of repeat customers. During the early days, there weren't many restaurants in Brunei. We were pioneers," Goh remarked on the restaurant's clientele.

Meanwhile, a food & beverage administrator in the capital was of the opinion that eateries must keep up with their customers' changing tastes. Belle from Sheraton Utama Hotel said despite being in touch with the market demands, "quality food and impact of service" comes first as the hotel aims to attract guests with quality and reputation. "People tend to be curious about other restaurants but they always come back," she added. "We don't try to compete with pricing," she also said.

For Marsalinawati Hj Omar Ali, 26, efficient service is compulsory and food has to be worth it for her to eat out during the fasting month.

"But I guess if it's up to my parents, they would go for cheaper places," said the Ports Department marketing officer. Another frequent diner, Ahmad Bohari, said good food is the most important criteria in selecting a restaurant to break his fast. "Quality of food is important and price comes next," he said.

The Brunei Times