New House Special At T4

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ENJOY the taste of T4’s new chocolate ingredient in its upcoming new drink, Chocolate Royale, released recently.

Available only at T4 Seria, the new drink is a fusion of the franchise’s fresh milk and chocolate, which has a hint of dark cocoa in the taste. The chocolate, placed at the base of the drink is meant to be stirred together with the milk, and each order will be topped with a T4 signature on the froth.

Chocolate Royale will be priced at $4 for medium size, and $5 for large size. Customers can also add their favourite toppings with additional charges. It’s also available warm for similar prices.

“The new drink will be available in our menu under a new category called House Special,” said T4 Seria's Marketing Manager.

She explained that under the menu, the franchise will be creating new drinks which is exclusive to the Seria branch. Besides Chocolate Royale, T4 also offers other chocolate drinks such as Ballet Chocolate Milk and Chocolate topped with cream which are worth a try.

For the convenience of customers, T4 Seria has a call and pick up service where customers can place their order though the number 3223646 and pick up their drinks later. Follow @t4.seria on Instagram for the latest updates.

The Brunei Times