Rizqun Coffee House Launches New Promotion

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FANCY a culinary jaunt for a price of $25 per adult and $15 per child?

Then head over to Rizqun Coffee House for an array of cuisines under its Oriental and Asian Food promotion until November 30.

Under its main course, the buffet will plate local favourites such as braised lamb with mushroom and superior sauce; honey grilled chicken and butter prawn with egg floss, to name a few.

The eatery will also offer a variety of delectable choices from Japanese to Thai, Bruneian and Vietnamese when it comes to appetisers, desserts and soups.

Guests can get adventurous at the grill station for a good ol’ experience of skewered meat and seafood with assorted of tasty dips; or have a crunchy affair at the tempura station.

During this month’s deal too, Rizqun Coffee House has installed a Japanese stall that offers Miso soup with choice of Soba or Udon noodles garnished with sashimi, tofu and many others.

Leading the preparation is Chef Irpan Juniawan, who told The Brunei Times that customers will enjoy a ‘taste of Asia’. “Every day will be a different experience,” he added.

Patrons can also redeem their parking tickets.

Keen to try what is on the menu? Then call 2423000 (ext 7811) for bookings or enquiries.

The Brunei Times