KBSentral’s Hijab Festival

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IF YOU are searching for great deals to add to your hijab collection, KBSentral Shopping Centre could be a good choice this weekend. Starting yesterday, hijab outlets have been setting up their booths, giving exclusive offers and prices in conjunction with KBSentral’s Hijab Festival, which will run until tomorrow.

This includes a number of well-known hijab vendors such as Byruqayyah, Hawa Scarf, ButtonScarf.Bn, Aidijuma and Bokitta Hijab Lumut.

Bokitta Hijab Lumut offers 20 to 30 per cent discount to some of its selected headscarves and there will also be models that are exclusive to the festival.

Aidijuma on the other hand, offers promotions such as buying three for $8 and discounts for selected models.

Stocks, according to the sellers, have run out fast as the festival opened yesterday afternoon. For those of you who do not want to miss this, head over to the KBSentral today and tomorrow.

The Brunei Times