It’s Time For Briyani Mummy

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Craving for Briyani and dim sums at the same time? Why not try the M Yus Restaurant in Kiulap!

Formerly known as the Food Zone Kiulap, the new owner of the restaurant Noorhazny Abdul Sani said he wanted customers to enjoy a variety of food items apart from the well known dim sums.

“Our current specialty is Briyani which we called Briyani Mummy. I dare say that our briyani is different as it is based on a special family recipe and has been localised to suit the local palate,” he said. Apart from Briyani Mummy, the restaurant also offers Briyani Kambing (lamb), Laksa Mummy, Laksa Babu and Sotong Sumbat Special.

“We also want our food to be affordable, which means that everyone can dine everyday whether it be for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even for afternoon hi-tea with family and friends,” added Noorhazny, noting that the price range for their food is from $2 to $5 only.

Noorhazny said despite the rebranding of the restaurant, it will still retain the dim sum menu as it is what the restaurant was formerly well known for.

M Yus Restaurant is located at Unit D3, Ground Floor, Block D, Shakirin Complex in Kg Kiulap. For reservation, delivery and catering service inquiries, the public can contact 2239068. The restaurant is also on Instagram at @m.yusrestaurant.

The Brunei Times