McDonald’s Spicy And Icy Treats

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TREAT yourself to something delicious and enticing from McDonald’s today as the international fast food restaurant has come up with its latest promotion — Spice & Ice.

Available for a limited time and while stocks last, the promotion includes the return of one of the all-time local favourite burgers: Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, which is priced at $5.60 for a la carte and $8.40 for large size meals.

For those who prefer double the spiciness and patties, opt for the Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. This is priced at $6.10 for a la carte and $9 for large size meals.

For something to quench your thirst, especially on a scorching hot day, cool off with McDonald’s latest addition to its beverage menu: Sprite McFloat.

This beverage is a perfect combination of the fizzy drink and the iconic sundae ice cream on top. The Sprite McFloat is priced at $2.90 for medium and $3.20 for large sizes.

Want the burger and drink? Customers can also enjoy the Spice & Ice promotion as value meals.

And for this month only, enjoy an exchange of fries to corn in a cup when you purchase value meals at no additional cost!

McDonald’s has also launched a new sundae flavour in a cone: Hershey’s Chocolate Sundae, which is priced at $1.50. Customers can still enjoy the chocolate flavoured sundae cone or a mix of chocolate and vanilla flavours at the same price.

McDonald’s is open as early as 7am and closes at 11pm except on Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays where it closes at 1am.

For latest updates and more information, check out its Instagram @mcdonaldsbrunei.

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