iflix: Movies, TV series At A Click Of A Button

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THE power to access tens of thousands of hours of content is now in the palm of your hands with iflix, a Malaysian online TV streaming service which has been available in Brunei since September.

For only a low monthly subscription rate of $4 or an annual subscription rate of $38, Bruneian subscribers can now get unlimited access to the online service’s library of TV shows and movies.

Meanwhile, for DST subscribers, Laura Lim, an iflix representative, said they will receive a free 12 month subscription worth $48 courtesy of iflix as part of their recent partnership with DST, while users of Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd (Progresif) and eSpeed can register and pay for iflix’s services through its website www.iflix.com.

Customers can also sign up for a 30-day free trial via iflix’s website www.iflix.com prior to signing up for a subscription. After signing up for a free trial, I can honestly say that there’s really nothing to complain about really.

I mean, having unlimited access to the latest hit tv shows and movies as well as titles from yesteryear from your PC or smartphone? For only that amount? With a free one month trial thrown in?

You’d be asking yourself where the catch is, but you’d be hard pressed to find one — because there isn’t one! These generous folks are pretty much working hard to bring you some of the best in the entertainment business for your convenience.

Moreover, you can watch content on any five devices per membership, and you even get to choose the devices, and stream content up to two devices simultaneously.

As for content, you will have plenty to choose from.

Under TV shows you get top 200, drama, comedy, kids, Malay, documentary, reality and lifestyle categories. As for movies you get top 200, drama, comedy, action, horror, romance, family, Malay, Chinese, crime, thriller as well as documentaries.

There is also iflix for kids with plenty of entertainment to keep them very happy, and parental controls to limit what they are able to watch.

The layout of the website is straightforward and very organised. Just click on the top left corner for the options menu and you can access your viewing history; update your account settings including name, password, parental controls; see what subscription plan you are currently on; and also manage your devices.

Not forgetting the highly useful search bar, the website also has additional features such as recommendations on what’s new as well as themed categories to make it easier for you to look for shows or movies rather than sift through the titles yourself from A to Z.

The site also includes a playlist section featuring personal picks by Malaysian celebrities as well as a feature that allows you to add shows or movies onto your own list.

Iflix also offers a ‘collections’ gallery which includes an ‘only on iflix playlist category’ that features iflix exclusives, such as Mr Robot, Fargo and The Magicians.

Selecting a TV show or a movie, takes you to its personal page, where you have a thorough list of seasons neatly organised, which leads to a sub section of titled episodes with a simple click.

It also has a brief of the show or movie including whether it is available with subtitles and what year it was released.

When you play the video, it has a bottom panel where you can easily jump and pick through episodes, as well as the video player where you can rewind, pause or fast forward, select your subtitles, adjust volume and jump to full-screen mode.

For customer support, you can contact iflix directly through the website or browse through the extensive FAQ page.

All in all, with more than enough content to make me jump on the bandwagon, you can consider me a fan!

The Brunei Times