Reducing Car Maintenance Costs

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Most Bruneian families own several cars owing to lack of reliable public transportation. Each family needs at least two cars - one for the couple to use to drive to work and another to drive their children to school.

Some even buy luxury cars, noting that this is not an extravagance but an investment.

Car owners say luxury cars can hold their value and depreciate less which can help reduce repair costs over time.

Hj Bahar Samli, who has owned eight different cars over the past 15 years, said it is important to invest in at least one European car as its value depreciates slower than Asian car brands.

“I had a BMW 7 series in the past which was with me for 13 years. Then I sold it to a second-hand car dealer. Even after more than 10 years, I still can manage to resell the car for more than $9,000, which is not bad compared to my Nissan Sunny which I sold for $3,000 after having it 5 years,” he said.

Metassan Ahmad, who owns three cars, said he replaces the front-wheel tyres with the back tyres every five months. He doesn’t replace all four each time he visits the car repair shop to save tyre costs.

“Just make sure that the tyres infront are in good condition and the threads have all the patterns…. If the patterns of the tyres aren’t clear, meaning it looks bald, you need to change it,” he said.

Another vehicle owner Hjh Noor Munah said car owners should visit a tyre shop at least three times a year to check on its alignments and suspension.

“It only costs $100 or less, depending on the type of your cars. Alignments and suspension will make sure that your tyres don’t get bald easily. So, if you maintain these car parts, you can save tyre costs,” she said.

Chak Teik Ming, who owns an Audi R8, said car owners must not forget to change motor oil to prevent engine wear.

“Motor oil is important to lubricate the system and the instrument. Lubrication can prevent friction especially when our engines are designed with elements rubbing against each other to create energy. Without lubrication, the engine parts would rub with one another and damage the engine all together,” he said.

For Shoeb Hj Junaidi, general manager of car detailing shop IRADS Company Auto Detailing Centre, car owners should also invest in car polishing and waxing services to protect the exterior car body parts from airborne pollution which can depreciate the car’s value over time.

“The raindrops can damage the car paint and eventually you will have to spend on car painting which costs a lot. It’s better to visit the right car detailer that can protect your cars’ exterior from the harsh sun and the chemical polluted raindrops,” he said.

The Brunei Times