Live Cooking Attracts Customers To Pasar Malam Gadong Stall

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Erwan Shah Hj Hasbolshah decided to include live cooking in his food stall at Pasar Malam Gadong to attract more customers.

The owner of Warung D’Idaman said customers don’t really mind if they have to queue and wait for a few minutes while he cooks their meals. “I will cook the ordered meals right in front of the customers,” he said.

He’s quite a fast cook and his customers don’t really have to wait for a long time to get their orders. He said he only needs one minute to prepare fried noodles. For noodles and/or rice meals that have beef, chicken or seafood cooked in buttermilk or sweet and sour sauces, he needs at least five minutes.

Erwan Shah prepares each meal based on his customer’s particular preferences. Some want spicy meals, some prefer milder options. Each of them will get what exactly they want.

Warung D’Idaman serves more than 20 types of rice and noodle dishes. Each meal costs between $2 and $4.

He said such price range allows customers to enjoy a good meal at an affordable price.

Erwan Shah started the business two years ago after retiring from the military. He went into this business as he was inspired by his parents who also had a stall in Pasar Gadong before.

He recalled that everyday after work, he would go to the stall and help his parents.

When his parents got too old to manage the stall, he took over the business and decided to introduce live cooking.

His live cooking session is such a hit that Erwan Shah said that he can sell as much as 350 packs a day.

He also credits his staff, noting that their hard work paid off and made his stall a success.

The Brunei Times