Online Marketing Nurtures Growth Of Local Cottage Industry

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BRUNEI’s cottage industry entrepreneurs are now embracing social media to ensure that their products make their way into commercial markets.

Entrepreneurs said online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have made it easier for them to market their products.

Hj Kariya Hj Sulong, owner of KZ Meliponines Paradise, sells organic honey and other honey-based products such as soap and solid perfume through exhibitions and also on Instagram to reach a wider audience.

“There are so many more opportunities to access the market now. I send my products to cube stores, advertise on my Instagram account and try to go to several events and exhibitions,” he said.

He decided to go online as it was the easiest way to expand her clientele.

“I was unfamiliar with Instagram and Facebook but because it seems that every business needs to have an online presence nowadays, I knew I had to get on it and take advantage of what it can do in terms of marketing,” he said.

Pg Hj Abdul Rahman Pg Hj Zainal, village head of Kg Sg Matan who is also in charge of Kg Sg Bunga said that apart from making the products of the Village Consultative Council more visible through events, there is also now an Instagram account where the products are advertised.

He said going online has helped to get more customers.

“Expos definitely help in terms of sales but customers always ask how to get in contact with us after that and the most common question is if we have Facebook and Instagram so we decided to take advantage of the popularity of these channels and now they can find us online,” he said.

3MPK Herbal tea, the main product of Kg Kiudang’s One Village, One Product initiative is now being advertised on Instagram. Hj Amran Hj Johari, owner of tea manufacturer Syarikat Sri Amri, said one of his biggest challenges was marketing the products.

“I am not tech-savvy but I have to make the product visible online especially now that locally-made products are getting more support,” he said.

The Brunei Times