Local Cyber Cafes Remain In The Black

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LOCAL cyber cafes remain popular thanks to gamers who continue to patronize these establishments.

Representatives of internet cafes said competitive gamers have kept their business afloat, providing a sustainable source of income. Josh Lim, owner of BlackAce Cybercafe, provides high-end computers and fast internet connection to retain and expand his client base.

He said BlackAce’s fourth branch at Kiulap is expected to draw in more gamers as he has invested over $100,000 to capture the competitive gaming market.

Lim said his outlets in Gadong, Serusop and Mata-Mata have seen increasing number of customers over years. This has encouraged him to treat the gamers as his main source of income by offering the best gaming experience.

A staff at Rainforest Cyber Cafe in Gadong said clients would spend their evenings here to play games with their friends.

The cyber cafe has has 70 computers and all of these will be rented out by gamers every night.

The owner of another cyber cafe in Gadong said there will always be a steady stream of customers patronizing cyber cafes.

“Some gamers stop playing when they are married or have children. But there will be new gamers replacing them, so it’s a matter of sustaining your business and knowing your customers,” he said.

The Brunei Times