Trademarks Can Attract Investors

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Trademarks can help local entrepreneurs attract potential investors and expand their business.

“Trademarks can help local entrepreneurs attract investors, especially when they want to break into the market. Investors will want to invest on your products or services,” Ahmad Basuni Hj Abbas, vice-president and council member of the Brunei Law Society, said during a Darussalam Enterprise (DARE) dialogue on trademarks and commercial laws in collaboration with the Malay Chambers of Commerce & Industry Brunei.

Ahmad Basuni, a defence counsel for legal firm Abrahams Davidsons and Co, said having a trademark builds value on the product and services and protect the business against potential copycats.

“If you are involved in the production of goods or providing services, you don’t want anyone to imitate and hitch on your success,” he said.

He said entrepreneurs need to spend between $1,000 and $1,500 to get a trademark. This includes a one-off filing fee of $150.

Asked on the difference between form 16/17 of company registration and trademark, Ahmad Basuni said a business owner can use the company’s name as its trademark.

Form 16/17 is the first step for aspiring entrepreneurs to get a business licence issued at the Registry of Companies and Business Names under the Ministry of Finance.

He said the legal basis of trademark registration in Brunei is governed by the Brunei Law of Trade Marks (Chapter 98).

“Under the Trade Marks Act, a trademark can be registered for a name, letter, design or shapes, and numerals…It can also be a combination of words and shapes of things,” he added.

He said there are things that will fail to take off. Proposed trademarks that have similar features and names to some well-known brands found elsewhere can not be allowed to register for trademarks.

“If the thing confuses the public with other well-known products, the trademark registration will not be approved,” he said.

He said a business can’t register a trademark that includes the state’s crest or the royal emblem in its design.

Ahmad Basuni said a successful trademark registration is something that is exclusive and distinguishable with other brands.

He said people can register for a trademark at DARE’s Business Support Centre located at the Design & Technology Building in Anggerek Desa Technology Park.

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