Speed Cameras To Deter Violations On The Road

Letters to the Editor 1 minute, 3 seconds

Dear Editor,

I am happy to know that the government will be raising compound fines for traffic offences by 2017, and while we have yet to look at how it goes, I think the government should also take another look on its plans to install speed cams around the country.

Having speed cams, especially along routes known to be accident-prone is complementary to raising the compound fines, as people will be more cautious towards their conducts and ethics on the road.

Taking example from Miri for instance, at a certain route, there will be signs showing that there are speed cams along the route, and I usually notice that people would not go over the speed limit set every time they went there.

I believe this can be implemented here. Now, I know that this may encourage people to speed at other places, but there should be a reminder that despite no signs, they are also susceptible to the compound fines.

Leveraging on fear is also a necessity when it comes to ensuring safety and I believe some of us need to feel like being watched, to be wary of the consequences we get for every of our actions.

Again, I laud the Land Transport Department and authorities involved.

Regards, JB Mills