Road Condition In Belait

Letters to the Editor 0 minutes, 51 seconds

Dear Editor,

I am writing to highlight concerns regarding road conditions in Kuala Balai, one of the places I frequent in Belait. I have relatives residing in the area and we visit them often, but our trip is not always pleasant despite it being just 10 minutes away.

The road to Kuala Balai residential area is uneven and there’s potholes when one enters the junction from Mumong by-pass. This road is not being only used by normal cars, but also big trucks and trailers. Knowing this, drivers usually take precaution when driving on this road, but once in a while we will see irresponsible drivers avoiding potholes at high speed — which might lead to accidents.

Although my relatives and other residents have made efforts to raise the potholes matter to the authorities, so far not much has been done and the road seems to be getting worse.

I hope relevant departments can look up to it and I advise drivers to always exercise caution when going through the road.

Concerned Driver