IT Mall Needed In Brunei

Letters to the Editor 1 minute, 20 seconds

Dear Editor,

AS SOMEONE who loves computers and all types of gadgets, I wish there was an IT mall or at least a computer superstore here similar to what’s available in Singapore, where I lived for a number of years.

Although there are shops around the capital, for example, that sell computers and peripherals, it would be great if there was a more comprehensive selection of such items all in one locale, which would make it convenient for someone looking for the latest items on offer without having to travel from place to place.

And availability of basic items should be improved, as I’ve even found it difficult to get a mouse or mouse pad here at a reasonable price.

The idea of establishing an IT mall as a one-stop shop for one’s needs should be considered as it has proven to be quite successful in Singapore and could be replicated here using existing infrastructure.

Like in Singapore, the mall could include a food court on an upper floor so shoppers can take a break and get something to eat after spending time checking out all the tech.

Also, everything should be reasonably priced and not grossly marked up. A comprehensive price list could even be posted near the entrance of each shop in the mall to make it easy for consumers to compare prices, similar to the way it’s done in Singapore.

I hope some local developers will seriously consider this idea and that something will be available soon to cater to all of us computer, gaming and gadget lovers.

Inspector Gadget, BSB