Is LegCo Building Open To Guided Tours?

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Dear Editor,

I’ve always admired our Legislative Council (LegCo) building as its blue-and-white colour and design really stands out.

Recently, I drove past the building with a foreign guest, and he was asking if it is open to the public for guided tours.

I told him (to my knowledge) that it isn’t and then got to wondering — why isn’t it open for people to visit?

For such an important building that plays such a large historical role in determining the direction of our fine country annually, it’s a shame that so many people haven’t been within its doors.

Prominent government buildings in other countries are often open to the public for guided tours, especially parliamentary ones, and I’m sure opening up our LegCo building’s doors will draw attention from both locals (especially school groups) as well as tourists.

It can even be a source of revenue, if we were to impose a small entry fee charge per visitor.

And if the building is in fact already open to members of the public to visit, I do hope that the relevant authorities — including those in charge of promoting local tourism — will publicise it better.

Signed, Tourism Advocate