Makan Brunei: Yam Yam Sarang Korea

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Don’t we all just love all things (South) Korean these days? From the most cutting-edge gadgets to affordable yet quality cars to cosmetic creams for all sorts of facial problems imaginable, we just got to have it.

That same Korean love among Bruneians arguably extends to its cuisine as well, although perhaps not with the same military dedication with which millions across the globe followed the hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

However, unlike the dusty arid premise in the show, Sarang restaurant is a cool and cosy escape from the rumbles and din of the surrounding commercial area.

And the best part is, they also serve what must probably be the best Korean dishes that one can find in Brunei, complete with a sweet, homely old lady (the co-owner) in the kitchen who has been recreating her generations-old recipes six days a week since moving to Brunei a few years ago.