Makan Brunei: Soto Pabo

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For decades, Kampong Ayer has been celebrated for its cultural novelty and way of life. Home to roughly 40,000 people, and made up of over 40 adjoining villages speckled along the Brunei river, the national icon has attracted throngs visitors from abroad.

But much of its character lies hidden in gems like Soto Pabo -- a family run restaurant that is unassuming at first sight but gives its patrons reasons to come back again and again. One of these reasons is their signature bowl of Soto.

Opened by Pg Hj Abu Bakar Pg Hj Osman at the beginning of the year, Soto Pabo was the result of popular demand for a piping hot bowl of noodles in aromatic and flavour-packed broth that they would serve to guests during family functions.

The returns on the risk him and his family took have been nothing short of rewarding for him and patrons wanting to enjoy a home-made, wholesome local favourites with a front-row view of the Bruneian sunset.