Makan Brunei: Rajah’s

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There was a time when restaurants kept it simple. There was a time when a restaurant’s food told the stories of its founders, when ingredients and techniques spoke volumes of culture and heritage. There was a time when restaurants like Rajah's was a melting pot of of its patrons hopes, dreams, and daily musings.

Sitting Batu Satu, touted to be the oldest commercial areas of the sultanate, Rajah's though only six years old, has stayed rooted to its original vision of serving up both northern and southern Indian cuisine in a setting that doesn't take anything away from their real stars: their food.

On the surface, it may seem bare, out of place in a sea of themed establishments promising to tantalise all the senses of its patrons through fancy interiors and fusion epicurean experiences. In fact, it has probably lost its place in the minds and tastebuds of the younger crowd of foodies for its lack of social media aesthetic worthiness. But it makes up for that in flavour, aroma and simplicity -- the things that once made restaurant’s second homes to the people who built their day-to-day lives around them.